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About Anita

Much of Anita’s rich work experience has largely unravelled through her deep, colourful, diverse, beautiful and often: very challenging life experiences. Her fire for self discovery always evolving and taking her across the planet to far off interesting and unusual places. Spending much time exploring nature and being in both reflective solitude and highly engaged in relating with others. This as well as being directly engaged in individual and group work, within Spiritual growth communities.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

This involved deep inner exploration and intense soul searching, as well as living in powerful healing centres from East to West that served as potent gateways for transformation. She has trained with some of the best international therapists and teachers, working with others in their quest for healing and self discovery. 

She lived worked and studied in wonderful places such as India, The Himalayas, U.K. South America, especially Brazil,Europe and the Middle East. Discovering deep within the tapestry of herPsyche, an ability to emerge out into the light of day discovering. Source: shining like as a boundless diamond at the heart of it all! 

She has trained, lived and worked with great teachers and therapists at the famous renowned Osho Humaniversity in India and Holland, also with amazingly dedicated Spirit healing mediums in Brazil for over 17 years. She has worked with many varied forms of intuitive bodywork and massage in London, India, Europe and the Middle east  (including Myo-facial release, deep tissue, Rolfing, Cranio sacral, Tibetan pulse healing, intuitive massage and Rebalancing and she then developed her own style, incorporating all these methods and more) 

She also trained in holistic breath work with Sondra Ray  founder of Rebirthing and Loving relationships training,  various forms ofHypnotherapy, Hypno-cellular healing, Regression, working with trauma, N.L.P. and the Lightening Process, a life long self study and interest in Astrology charts and combining charts and her main love: Meditation and Self enquiry.

Anita´s childhood was a difficult one littered with pain and suffering. She was always very sensitive to undercurrents around her, both within the family and out in the world. She has psychic abilities. From a very young age she burned with the need to know what she was doing here on planet Earth and who she was. These  early years are what certainly propelled her into a deep urge to free herself from suffering and to emerge a brighter, freer human BEING.. She remembers as a small child laying in her bedroom wondering where she came from and travelled back deep inside herself, to a deep, dark void and knew she was boundless! but what was she doing here !!? Her dis ease with her earlier life was probably the catalyst that propelled her to disengage from her physical form and move into the astral/spiritual realms as a child and young woman.

Ever since she can remember she has felt in her hearts prayer, the wish to aid others in their quest for freedom from suffering. Having
experienced piercingly painful experiences herself, has gifted her with the ability to understand with depth and compassion, how to open the way for others in their urge to come out of their own suffering into freedom.

 Anita has been immersed in various methods of meditation as well a satsang and Self enquiry for many years… yet perhaps her rich life
experiences are what have produced the biggest  impact on her growth and transformation. When the fruit was ripe it was ready to fall from the tree and often in the most unlikely and unexpected circumstances!

Now coming home inside, she is happy to share her wisdom, love and compassion with others.  She uses an intuitive blend of every tool and direct experience she has learnt or unlearnt over many years. This creates a vital, alive, deep and  transformative healing experience. Most of all she loves her work and she is known for her warmth, sparkle, compassion, fun and deep way of penetrating to the heart of what needs to be unravelled and healed. She is also known for her direct sword of truth in calling people on their blind spots and bullshit!

Anita now lives quite simply, she loves to spend time quietly in nature or at home and quality time with friends and loved ones. She works both in groups and individually in their quest for healing and unravelling the ties that bind. She loves music and driving  out in her camper into an unknown destinations for the fun of it, gazing out into vast open horizons!  Quiet spaces reflecting .She lives between Portugal and Brazil .

She is still happy to travel internationally. If Anita is invited by a group to work and explore healing and freedom in a group setting and if
anyone wishes to gather a group together with a place where we can host the group she is happy to discuss this.

Anita senses that it has become evermore imperative for us as a human species to embrace transformation and a new fresh way of being Now like there’s no time left to delay or hold on to our old ways of living. Now the time is fully ripe for transmutation into a whole New way of Being. You are invited to come out of suffering and embrace the Peace that vibrates behind all form.

Private Sessions with Anita

Anita works both with one to one or couple in person private sessions or online. ( She has the gift of being able to transmit potently online, to create an intimate and very effective enjoyable healing session . )

are offered combined depending on the situation in the moment and Anita’s intuition, or as a particular modality chosen by the client.

Rebirthing / Holistic Breathwork


Rebirthing is a particular circular way of breathing that causes repressed, stale energies held within the body mind structure to dissolve and release. It was devised by Babaji the beautiful renowned Eastern Avatar, whom could move in at out of the body and travel time and space at will. It was lovingly adapted for the west by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray. ( Anita’s Teachers.)

Oftentimes old memories or forgotten events that are causing blockages in our system, are released and we experience a lighter, brighter much more authentic and freer way to live. During a session you will be guided in a very present and loving way, to move through any resistances as they come up and to connect with the intuitive intelligence within. Anita will guide you while utilising this special devised way of breathing. Sometimes Anita may guide you to change body positions or to use some bodywork while you are guided to breath in any moment in a specific way for greater release.

The session is powerful and very energising, you will feel invigorated  throughout your entire body, down to the deepest layers of your cells. Sometimes people move back to their birth ( the most influential passage on earth!) and rebirth, via this session into a more harmonious way of being. Many times people feel they sometimes drop into past lives and deep emotions arise to be released.

Anita works with groups or individuals with this therapy.

This session is not offered over Skype.

Astrology Chart Readings Couples/Individuals


Anita has studied and worked with astrology for many years now. It runs far far deeper than just someone’s sun sign characteristics.  Anita uses it as a tool for self recognition and as an aid to move through difficulties in the personality, exposing hidden facets of ourselves and that are mirrored out into our lives, that are sabotaging us from really living our fullest potential. Exposing too, perhaps hidden gifts and capabilities that we are not fully aware of and how to utilise those in our lives, in our work, play and spiritual evolution. Anita’s strong point is working with people in the  area of relationship astrologically, Both the relationship to ourselves and the mirror relationship out there in the world with friends and family and particularly with our love partners. A couple’s Astro chart reveals the dynamics that play out over time and some immediately between ourselves and our partner. It can be very eye opening and helpful in helping us evolve in the way we relate. To create flow where there are blockages. It takes into account our family dynamics too, so how to translate that into how we relate ahead in life. People are often surprised at what can be revealed and very often too, it is a strong confirmation of what they have suspected and felt .It take great intuition and not only logic.

It is very useful to take a recording with your phone to listen back to it later on, as there is a lot of information to absorb and remember.

This session can be offered over skype very effectively, or in person.

Lightening Process


The lightening process is a method devised by an Osteopath and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer/ Hypnotherapist. It is a really effective, wonderful fun way to transform the way we experience being stuck in patterns and to release rapidly human suffering. It cuts through in lightening speed (hence the name) our defences and self sabotaging limits , that are preventing us from really living our fullest. It is deceptively simple method to alter our brain neurology using both our body and brain in a really creative simple and enjoyable way! It is highly effective and many have used it to come out of their ill health even long standing chronic so called non treatable conditions including MS. as well as chronic addictions. Anita offers the session along with how to continue at home to accelerate your healing or changes you wish to see appear in your life.  This session is not suitable to be offered over skype.

Hypnotherapy/ Regression/ N.L.P./ Self Hypnosis


This is really Anita’s favoured way of working with people, she uses it in so many ways and either embedded within a different type of session, a combined session or alone. She has seen many people really touched and dramatically helped. Together we dive deep into our subconscious being, in a deceptively simple, creative way, to speak to that part of us that effortlessly effects changes into our lives. It is powerful in that it bypasses our conscious mind where we often control and limit ourselves due to past conditioning, memories, traumas and general limited ways of being. It is simple, deep and beautifully effective for many issues. Anita works with regression, hypnotherapy and NLP she also helps to train people in self hypnosis, so that they can continue on independently, if they wish. This is offered in group work as well as individual sessions. This is also suitable offered over skype as well as in person individually or in a group setting.

Cellular Healing


Anita uses a form of Hypnosis, Meditation and channelling to connect with Spirit beings/energies in other realms that can and most certainly do enter this earthly realm to aid in healing. These sessions are very relaxing, pleasurable and recharging deep down to the cellular level and beyond, to really palpably change our body mind chemistry and how we are. This then pours out into our outer lives, effecting the change we have been looking for. Many report actually connecting with the benevolent spirit healers during the sessions and also afterwards. Anita has worked with groups in Brazil over many years with these spirit healers and is herself a healing medium in her own right. She acts as a bridge between Spirit and participants, in both group or individual sessions. She has seen amazing situations and healing of so called impossible cases.

This can be offered over skype or in person. Both in group and individually.

Tibetan Bodywork Massage/ Intuitive Soft And Deep Massage/ Myo-Facial Release Massage


Anita has practised and sometimes taught bodywork for many years, trained in India Osho Humaniversity, London and Europe. She uses a synthesis of many forms of massage and bodywork she has learned and organically created her own form of intuitive massage and bodywork. Working with deep focus and utter presence silence pervades all her sessions. She mainly uses her bodywork skills in certain moments within a combined session now, to be able to reach hidden trauma and blockages still held in the body.

Emotional Release Work


Anita uses any one of the above sessions along with her intuition, and invokes Spirit, to aid in releasing emotions that are twisted and blocked in our system ,to unravel, open up and release into a much more energetic and  effective loving way of being in life. Anita is present … really present with herself and the participant during a session and therefore uses whichever form of therapy treatment she feels is needed in the moment. This is a fusion of several forms she has learned over many many years of working with people.

This session can be offered within a group session or individually.

Freedom From Suffering: Anita Also Offers Guided Support and counseling via Skype or Person to Person Private Sessions



All session cost 90- Euros For an hour. Apart from Astrology chart readings, because they involve an hour or more preparation beforehand and so are offered for 100,- Euros and for a couple’s chart reading will be 150,- Euros. Couples session is one hour and half . It is
sometimes possible to consider a price fluctuation. Just contact Anita