Healing Retreats Portugal

Anita’s Solo 5 day Heart Encounter and Healing Retreat

Anita is really exited to be once again offering her own retreats for those whom are ready to dive into the depths of Self discovery and healing on all levels.

She feels the time is ripe for group heart encounter whereby we can feel, face and embrace the whole of what we are. To to know when to let something simply drop and give it no more energy or attention, or when to dive into and accept and transmute it by facing what is.

Her retreats are refreshing and life changing.

She will use a myriad of tools and experience gained over many years of self exploration and sometimes very difficult life passages. Her playful, insightful yet piercing way of reaching into people’s psyche, definitely produces results. You will not forget this time spent together and will be able to move through your blockages and blind spots, in a much more effective immediate way.

Anita welcomes you to come embrace, enjoy and fully immerse in this week together. Deepening communion with Source and Healing on deep cellular levels.

Besides the daily Meditations and Healing Spirit currents, she offers a different daily group process, which will have  different themes. This includes Self Liberation, relationship ( both to one’s self and our mirror, the other) Health and healing.

There will be time for individual attention with Anita and ample personal space to enjoy the house, the beautiful surrounding nature and to simply be still and reflect. Evenings around a cosy log fire or to watch an inspirational video or two. To share and to rest and just BE…… within the ambiance of the group healing space.

Although there will be a basic structure to the day, Anita will go with the flow depending on the moment, so to seize the energy that is coming up freshly with anyone, as this is the most potent way of unravelling the ties that bind.

The group space will be a real Heart encounter as the love starts to deepen and flow. There will be supportive encouragement to take the space and the moment to work on whats burning inside you….. to be felt, seen, heard and healed.

There will also be time for an afternoon at the beautiful small quaint fishing town  Vila Nova de Milfontes, where a gentle flowing wide river dissolves into a the ocean. With nearby stunning beaches. This is just 10 minutes drive away. The Retreat is held on a small ecological Farm and villa. Nestled in lovely countryside with surrounding hills and walking trails. There’s 7 tame peacocks that spend time  near the house and a little further up the path there’s an area with couple of sheep long horned goats,ducks chickens, a lovely Golden Labrador, donkey and horses. There’s a pool to sit in or dip into, and space to sit and contemplate around and within the main house. The small dining area inside is cosy with a log burner and there’s also outside dining areas on the terrace overlooking the hills and pool. It is an intimate atmosphere and perfect for such a group retreat. The rooms are very large , each with a double bed and some with two double beds the rest with a double and single. They are perfect to share with 2 people, if you so wish. Each has a bath and shower as well as TV and free WiFi. Each one has a nature view . The whole place is very quiet and off the beaten track.

There will be 3 healthy meals a day (veg and non-veg options) as well as tea coffee and biscuits. Gluten free options. Buffet breakfast and a wholesome lunch with a light dinner.

Faro Airport is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from the centre. We can arrange pick ups from Milfontes or you can hire a car at the airport for a very reasonable price. This would give you the freedom, in the hours we have personal space to go to visit the beach for some sea air.

Clothing should be comfortable and you ought to to be able to dress in layers to fit in with the Portuguese climate, which usually is very warm or hot in the sun and out of the sun ( mornings or evenings) is much cooler. Temperatures vary but even in the cooler months of March, October, November, is possible to be in a tea shirt or light dress and even take a dip in the pool and ocean. Please bring warmer clothes too, for out of the sun, such as a pullover, shawl, jacket and shoes for walking as well as indoors. There’s a yoga room for those who like to practice in their free time or around the pool.

Cost per person for a 4 day retreat will be 799 Euros. This includes accommodation based on one person per room, with 3 meals per day, drinks, all the healing modalities and group work, as well as a trip to the beach.

Deposit of 350 Euros will be required to reserve your place. Please try to pay it as soon as possible, as there is limited space . Group is envisioned to run with between 10 and 12 participants. The remaining payment must be paid in full 5 weeks before the start of the retreat. Anyone late in booking can always ask Anita is is still possible to join.

Deposit is non refundable but will be transferred to another retreat date or  private sessions with Anita either in person or via Skype.

The modalities used in the retreat are mostly blended with each other (depending on the moment )  They are vitally recharging to the cells and the deepest layers of our being, via Holistic Breathwork, Rebirthing, Dance and movement, N.L.P. Lightening process, Hypnotherapy and Hypno Cellular Healing, Meditation and Healing currents ( as in energy current) Group Heart sharing encounter circles and more…! Anita has many years experience working with people whom often have serious chronic body issues, as well as those simply having the urge to connect and evolve. Please bring any supplements or medication and do not stop taking anything until after the retreat and you have had time in between to settle into a fresh way of being and checked with your doctor.

In Love…

€799,- / Anita’s solo 5 day retreat

                     2020                                                                                                         2021                               
            no further date for 2020                                                   March  19th Arrive – 23rd Depart


European deep Healing Retreat with Anita & Reginaldo

A beautiful rare Fusion of Psychic Healing operations and cleanings, Meditation and Self discovery via group Heart encounter, Hypnotherapy/Hypno-cellular healing, individual care and support.

When Anita met Reginaldo: a wonderful, fresh, intelligent, inspiring, powerful and dedicated psychic operation healing Medium from Brazil, she had an instant recognition, of having known him from some far distant past. At the same time, she had the deep heartfelt urge she would work together with him. They talked about this with much enthusiasm and happiness, both feeling they were in right in tune with the organic movement of what existence was urging them to move towards.

Reginaldo heard the healing spirits that work through him agree …as if it was all orchestrated from the astral realms that Reginaldo has been working with for many years. Reginaldo has been incorporating Astral spirit doctors for many years. They are able to be highly effective passage through Reginaldo’s body/mind and perform spiritual operations/interventions and also scan the patient for where this needs to be performed. ( Astral xray) His main Dr and Mentor is Dr Fritz: a powerful character and excellent doctor.  This is an amazing gift that is a phenomenon particularly in evidence in some states in Brazil where the veil between the visible and invisible worlds is thin.

Anita has been guiding groups on healing trips to such places in Brazil for over 17 years and in the last several years, has had an urge to bring the work to become more accessible to Europe, for people perhaps not able or willing to travel to Brazil. She has witnessed many full recoveries to health from many varied forms of disease and many times very difficult cases that the orthodox medical professions have given up on. Which is not to say those doctors don’t have their place .

They are both very happy to be able to offer these deep healing retreats, offering a synthesis of Brazilian psychic healing interventions and cleansings , along with Eastern and Western methods of meditation, spiritual understanding and practices ..to unravel and release all the suffering we are carrying, so we can be released into freedom, health and happiness. They  both work with full heart, compassion and deep connection to source flowing through the work they love to offer. Combining their many years working helping others in this field, as well as their combined rich life experience. This is a rare opportunity to take part in a fusion of the best of both worlds in the healing field today.

The retreat will run for 9 nights and  follow a basic yet open structure to leave space for an organic flow, which may present at any moment or on any day. This given that to be fully present in the moment, for whatever presents itself, IS  the place where healing happens!

That said, here’s a base  that we offer. (understanding that participants will have 2 psychic healing operations/interventions during the retreat, as well as  Astral cleansings of our body mind spaced 6 to 7 days apart for maximum comfort and benefit.) This will be interspersed with lots of Heart filled Group encounters, Cellular healing Currents, Meditation and holistic breath work with Anita, Talks with both Reginaldo and Anita and ample time for personal retreat and reflection. It is very important to take your rest when needed during this retreat to support the deepest healing results. There’s also opportunity to spend some time in nature, time out for a beach walk and perhaps a sauna and dip in the indoor pool in an associated hotel nearby. As well as a massage (massage is extra cost of 40 euros)  This will be structured depending on everyone’s recovery from the spiritual intervention Friday.
Full Retreat

We managed to create a balanced programm filled with group activities,  time for rest or self reflection or personal sessions.

To arrive at around to 14.00-15.00 PM .

Settle into your room and have a tea or coffee.

16.00: Group start with group introductions with Anita and Reginaldo, basic orientation of the work for the evening with Reginaldo incorporating Dr Fritz , the Famous Spirit Doctor that works through him.

17.30: There will be some preparation with meditation and spiritual verse, as is always practiced in Brazil before their healing work.  For this first night there will be cleansing of chakras and the all important Pineal gland and anything else that the spirit Doctor deems necessary for each person. All in preparation for the spiritual interventions the following day.  There will also be spiritual passes xray viewing for each person. The cleansings are performed on a table in a special room and will be in groups of about 4 to 6 people at a time.  Anita will be present during the cleansing to translate and aid the spirit Doctors and offer herself up to be a channel for the work with Dr Fritz.

After the cleaning work, everyone will be able to eat a light dinner andthen rest  until the  following morning.

Breakfast at 8.am to 9 am.

9.am: There will be a Group meeting with introduction before the psychic operations and  healing work. Here there will be Astral x rays by Dr Fritz to see whom needs what type of work today. There will be some spiritual verse and  guided meditation . Once Dr Fritz then incorporates into Reginaldo’s body mind and the Xrays and spiritual Passes are performed, participants will be called into the operation room, again in group of 4 to 6. The remaining participants stay and meditate or reflect quietly seated together while the astral beings work,  until their turn comes to move into the operation room. It is very important to understand that in the Astral realms , time and space appear very differently , as time and space as we know it are man made. Therefore 10 minutes to us here could be a whole lot more time from the Astral world’s perspective and therefore plenty of time for them to perform all the healing work they need to offer a person in an Earth body.

During the operations Anita will be again, fully present to translate and liaise between Dr Fritz and the patient receiving the healing intervention. She will also be assisting him and holding spaceenergetically as a healing medium in her own right. Participants will be given a “spiritual anesthesia by an astral injection this is not with a physical needle! (It is smooth and not painful at all , usually participants feel a warm, liquid, relaxing sensation of then being able to relax and let go deeply.) They are however, fully present. Or some report being present here and also at the same time in a very pleasant altered state.

During this state Dr Fritz will work on each person individually and may give some advice and instructions as to their well being and health . He will NOT cut the physical body with any knife or other sharp instrument. Dr Fritz says …since he is an astral Doctor and not a physical Earth Doctor is not necessary! He uses his hands or his hands hover above the patient …  making special highly energetic movements on our magnetic fields and Auric centers, where the problems and blockages are. He will touch the body at times and you will be clothed. He then often tells a patient where he is working, For example: the Spine. He will turn you to your side or on your back and you WILL feel the cut where the Astral instruments are working . But it will NOT show on your physical body. The pain is for sure slight and just enough so you know there is a definite cut being made!  You will then receive the Astral stitches and be bathed in soothing astral fluids, to help heal and cleanse the area. You will be bandaged to prevent  astral bacteria… it is really quite something, very touching. All this is performed with great love and compassion and the energy that you will encounter during the operation
is one of deep peace and yes: trust and of being nourished in love!

Once the work is done you relax a while on the table, then once is time to leave the operation room, you can go back to your room and lay down to sleep, reflect on the experience and what it has brought up for you, or just be very quiet and do nothing.  The rest of the day you may eat just soup and fruits. The next morning you may get up dressed and shower IF you feel ready, if not just rest. Room rest, you may also sit around the seating areas of the guest house or in the garden, near the pool. Anita or Reginaldo will visit everyone to make sure all is good with you and to answer any questions and be of support. Lunch and dinner can be taken as usual, but it is highly recommended that if your still feeling sensitive or weak, eat by yourself quietly. For the next few days take physical exertion easily don’t push yourself. a gentle walk and sitting around the guest house retreat area is ok. No big exertions. Group sessions will be offered during this time, Starting Sunday afternoon.

Reading, listening to audio tapes, meditating,journaling and drawing ect are fine . Try to remain with positive materiel that enhances your spiritual process. People often report enhanced deeper sleep, or an intense, insightful dreams, during the process. Plus a general feeling of deep peace and emotional insights. There’s a definite shift in ones state of being and for those first few days it is important to treat oneself delicately and with self love. For the first 24 hours and often longer you will feel sensations running through your cells and body and sometimes, once the “spiritual anesthetic” has worn off, there maybe a little pain where you were operated. This is a wonderful sign of the op having done its job! Though i personally didn’t have any pain after my op with Dr Fritz I did feel very acute strong sensations of having and being deeply worked on! It also depends on each individual as well as how deep the operation were. Some need deeper than others. Every person is unique.

It is not helpful to our comfort and recovery to have everything done at the same time, so most people if they wish, will have a 2nd spiritual operation at the following Friday to also remove  any stitches and to complete the last operation. At the same time a 2nd operation will be performed.  After this operation, a week to that day….at home and during the night while you sleep, to revise and complete the 2nd op and remove any stitches. ( pain free!)

There is an amazing and Rare opportunity for those needing healing and it is a journey at the same of time, of great self discovery and transformation. Our dis ease is never just a physical issue but permeates through all levels of our being. This is why this retreat is so beautiful, as there will be ample opportunity to delve in self discovery and growth in a very loving, gentle, yet deep and vital way. Held in the cocoon of a high energy, pure healing portal… with lots of support. This type of psychic healing is particular to Brazil and is a great opportunity without the extra cost,energy and time of the flight trip ect.

Saturday the Spiritual intervention day we will eat a very light lunch and dinner of just Soup, fruit ect. This is to provide the body ample rest to complete the healing intervention in the most beneficial and comfortable way.

At 14.00 hrs. there will be meditation and Group meeting after lunch .

We will chose one afternoon during the week, most likely Wednesday or Thursday to visit Vila Nova de Milfontes beach town for sea air open spaces and a change of scene.

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
Will be loosely as follows:

08.00 hrs to 09.30 hrs Breakfast at leisure with the group Anita andReginaldo.

After breakfast from 10.AM till 12.PM :
There will be Group meeting for questions and answers as well as  talks and guidance from Anita or and Reginaldo on Spiritual Healing and Evolution. Each day we will have different theme, according to whats
coming up for different participants. Our teaching and sharing will be fresh and present . Reginaldo sees Spirit and our Aura so this will bring a lively and deeper dimension to the group work! Anita senses on a deep level through to the core of a person…having had deep transformative and rich life experiences, she is able to draw on these to help people move through their blockages, feeling at the same time compassion and love.

Lunch : The main meal of the day will be held at Midday.

After lunch break and rest or personal daily activities and to enjoy personal time.

14.30 hrs till 18.00 After that group will meet again for a group sharing process , each day will be a different theme and using different tools, including Holistic Breath work/Rebirthing, Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Quantum therapy, Bodytalk, Lightening process and more….

16.00 Hrs. After an hour and half of group work  we will have a short break for tea

Group gather back together for the all important daily Healing Current and guided Meditation with the Astral beings Anita and Reginaldo. This is where groups sits with eyes closed and arms and legs uncrossed … in a comfortable position. Anita or Reginaldo will guide the current at times and at times will be in silence or with gentle soothing background music of a spiritual and inspiring nature.

“Current” is Corrente,  in Brazilian, or chain, or flow, like an electric current. It is a beautiful way of connecting to spirit world and Source. We will invoke The healing spirits to come weave their energies  through us and envelope us with their healing fluids. It often starts as a meditation and transforms into a fluid trance, whereby we are worked on in deeper ways for healing. People report mini operations, insights, memories, and more as a very deep connection to Source is experienced . This is a beautifully sweet and soothing session, where much of what needs to be let go of, transmuted or healed …. unravels of its own accord. Sometimes people become very deeply sensitised, during and after these current sessions, so they may hear astral world messages, insights into their life, or feel a touch on their body from Spirit beings. Or they see and feel lights and emotional resonance, at a ephemeral and high vibration. Each persons time in current is unique but all are deeply touched. This is an integral part of the healing so is best if participants can take part in all of these afternoon currents. This too will enhance the recovery and sustainability of the healing operations.

For the other group meetings, if someone wishes to remain alone within their own personal journey at that particular time, to rest or whatever else they may feel drawn to do, we will totally respect that. Is good if they let us know so we know they are ok.

Group dinners will be held at 18.30. Dinners will be a light meal like soup and cold plate, in keeping with the healing work.

After dinner is free personal time, or with a friend or rest.

The following Friday Morning:
After Breakfast at 08.-09. hrs:

Group meet again for a  morning spiritual verse and Brazilian Spiritual pass with Dr Fritz and short meditation with Anita. Following this Dr Fritz will call the group in turns to come to the operation room to lay
for a personal Pineal gland and Auric cleansing .

Afterwards the group can take advantage of free time  for the rest of the morning till lunch.

Early afternoon at 14.00 hrs:

Group meet for a final short meditation, spiritual verse and pass as well as xray with Dr Fritz. Then each in their turn participants will enter the operation room for their 2nd intervention. Anita will be present to liaise with them and Dr Fritz, as well as present as a medium and to assist Doctor Fritz.

Early evening Light soup and fruit will be served, then everyone can go to rest in their room for the evening and night.

Group  can come for Breakfast and very light lunch if they are able and then again return to rest  for the rest of the day to read reflect ect. Anita and Reginaldo will be around if anyone needs assistance.

Dinner 18.00 hrs : Group come together for our last dinner.

After dinner a short group gathering for closing circle. Then free time to pack and share with each other.

Departure after leisurely Breakfast.
The Retreat Venue
The venue we have carefully chosen for its ambiance, charm, seclusion and exclusivity  Its is rustic and very comfortable. It sits nestled in the heart of nature and is just ten minutes away from one of the most stunning beaches and small beach towns in Portugal: Vila Nova Milfontes. It is a very charming small fishing town, set on the cliffs with an old atmospheric castle, where the river Mira gently flows into an open ocean. It has a very laid back feel to it , with it’s calm picturesque scenic views. We will visit this town and beach area one afternoon. There will also be an opportunity to spend a few hours at a associated small hotel in town for a freely offered Sauna, small indoor pool if weather demands, and a massage. ( Massage is extra and costs 40 Euros per hour.)
 Most of the rooms are very large,  typically and tastefully decorated in Portuguese rustic and comfortable country manor style. All with a double bed and some with two! All en suite with bath and shower, TV and garden view. All rooms have free WiFi. They are perfectly adequate and spacious to share with another person is you wish.

There are beautiful walking trails nearby in the heart of nature. With it’s tropical plants and green soft earth, woodlands, open fields, hills, blue skies and dark starry nights without the interference of any modern artificial light…. this is a lovely place to unwind and return to ones natural Self and immerse ones self into the deep healing we happily offer.

 It is off road up a hidden track and so enjoys a perfectly peaceful and tranquil setting for our privacy during your retreat. There are horses nearby, some goats, chickens, ducks, a donkey, sheep, a beautiful Golden Labrador called Inacio, cats. There are seven beautiful peacocks that are tame enough to relax around the house outside.

In front of the main building there is a pool and lovely garden to sit in. A terrace to eat or enjoy a drink outside, and a small cosy restaurant inside with a welcome warming log burner. There is also a Group sitting area where there will be comfortable chairs and settees for our group sessions or to sit and reflect or read alone in personal time.This is heated by a log fire to also create a warming atmosphere. We will use the Yoga room for the spiritual operations and cleansings…as well as group sessions perhaps.

Our retreats will be held November, March or April. In This area of Portugal that means plenty of sunshine and  gets very warm in the sun and also maybe possible to use the pool. Early mornings and evenings you will need to wear a pullover,light jacket or shawl, as is cooler. So bring comfortable clothing you can dress in layers. Typical temperatures being between 18 and 23 degrees. Bring a bathing suit for pool and sauna. And if you want a quick dip in the Atlantic ocean as in fact we foreigners whom live here do, even in January!

Cost per person for our residential retreat for 2020 dates, will be 1699 for private room and 1599 Euros to share a large room. All inclusive per person for a residential 9 nights retreat with all meals and an afternoon outing included.

Nearest Airport is Faro airport Algarve, which is approximately One hour and Forty minutes to Vila Nova de Milfontes. We can arrange a pick up in Milfontes or if you come by rented car we will send you details of how to reach the Venue , which is 10 mins drive away from Milfontes. It is also possible to fly into Lisbon and take a bus to Milfontes or hire a car there and drive to the venue. 

Anyone whom has a group of minimum 15 to 20 people and a retreat venue, or knows of one nearby, whom would like us to offer our retreat in any other European country, be free to contact Anita and see if is possible.

In Love, Consciousness we warmly welcome you!   
 Anita and Reginaldo.

€1699,- / Anita & Reginaldo 9 day retreat

                                                            2020                                                                                                                                2021
                                          No dates available                                                                   APRIL  23rd Arrive – May 2nd Depart


After each 9 day retreat with Reginaldo and Anita there will be one extra day available at end of the retreat for those whom cannot make the deep immersion 9 night retreat …. This day will offer an opportunity of a few hours to come have a healing intervention with Reginaldo and Anita and have a rest in garden afterwards …with soup. ( This will be on 3rd April.) Needs to be pre booked and is for local people only.


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