About Reginaldo

Reginaldo (Channel of Dr. Fritz Astral, Healing Doctor Of Body And Soul)


Reginaldo is a highly experienced, dedicated, warm hearted and totally focused Psychic Healing Medium and Channel from Brazil. He is gifted in that he is in constant connection with many different dimensions, he sees and hears spirit all the time. He works with a particular Spirit Doctor: Dr. Fritz. (a World War II Doctor from Germany) They share a Karmic commitment to help many people heal here on earth. Doctor Fritz is now evolved into higher realms and is a very powerful bright shining light, with great conviction and strength of character and is continuing his mission to effect the health of both body and soul for those who seek his help here on Earth.

He was born to a farming family in Brazil and provided with for a calm, simple and natural environment to come into this world to prepare his way as a strong Healing Medium. Already as a child at age 8, he was connected with spirit energies. Although he attended Catholic church with his parents, at 11 to 12 years old friend took him to a Spiritist center, where his friend’s mother was acting as a Medium/channel for spirit. When she saw Reginaldo, spirit spoke via her, saying he had a big mission ahead and that he has capacity to channel a very strong healing spirit. Reginaldo became fascinated with this world at a tender young age, so continued to train and work in the Spiritist center, as a “Medium da Cura”  (A Channel capable of bringing a Healing Spirit Doctor to work through him and effect the human body in an unparalleled way.)

In His early twenties he went to USA and studied over a ten year period with many teachers, energy workers, scientists including seeking out the well known activist Gregg Braden at NASA Space Center Texas. ( After 10 years of working and training in USA, Reginaldo saw Dr Fritz walking by his side and was informed in no uncertain terms, that he must return to Brazil to prepare for the mission they must now perform together. That Duality and life of attached to materiality is over for him! “You MUST walk the line” he was told and often repeats over and over. Dr. Fritz works on the body mind and Soul.

Reginaldo now works with Dr Fritz in the century old healing village and Spiritist center: Palmelo. His connection and working relationship has evolved over these last 21 years that they work together. His only urge to expand his work in helping people. In this, Reginaldo is uniquely impressive. He is unwavering in his commitment. His knowledge and openness to these other dimensions is also admirable and palpably felt.

He also works as a human being, in various therapies , like quantum healing, meta therapy and more. (Quantum means faster than the speed of Light and since we are all 99% energy, as many scientists now agree, this is a highly effective way of working with people.) He has also lived a life of depth and challenge, feeling the deep pull to go beyond boundaries and to evolve. He really does walk a focused line of integrity and awareness. He blends and applies exceptionally well: Brazilian, Eastern and Western teachings. It is very refreshing to meet someone who is so well versed and more importantly, enthusiastic and full of energy and care, in service he offers to those in need of his help.

Dr. Fritz repeatedly says: The Power of Love to Raise our frequencies is so very important in our healing, especially vital on the Planet today!

He is very exited to be working with Anita in these European retreats… and of course to continue their retreats and his work in Brazil. Any renumeration outside of costs and flights ect, are being put into building a small clinic in a healing village in Brazil.

Here are a couple of testimonials from very grateful patients whom have been healed. Some of them witnessing their whole family having been healed. It is not possible to add the many whom have been happily healed, they do include cancer and other serious chronic issues.

And Many many more testimonials received.

Dr. Fritz looked into my body during a spiritual xray and said I need an operation. At the time I wasn’t ready as had to travel. I decided to go ahead and so glad I did. During the op I felt very very relaxed as if in another dimension. I felt NO PAIN but a sensation of being cut over my Thymus area where I had the issue. Much more was happening and then afterwards laying in my room I felt strong and pleasant energies coursing through my deepest cellular layers. I slept and after a week, while the completion of the operation took place, I felt much better: lighter, pain free, physical issues resolved and much happier and freer. A big shift inside. I am very impressed and eternally grateful to Dr. Fritz and Reginaldo his Vehicle.

A. Prem (U.K.)

I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Fritz and his team and especially to Reginaldo his Channel for everything I received earlier this year. I went to Palmelo for my healing and was totally surprised on returning home again a couple of days later, to find no urinary pain and total ease on urination. I felt very good and happy! I went to see Dr. Fritz for spiritual operations on 3 vertebrae on my spinal column, that were causing great pain and which I was not up till then, able to heal. Also for a really enlarged and inflamed prostrate issue that was looking more and more serious. I can thankfully say that I am cured and have no more pain on my spine nor prostrate and all related issues. Moreover I feel changed and much more energetic and light.

Eric Silva David (Therapist Goiania Brazil)

Hello I am a psychologist from Brazil and I had the opportunity to know the work of Dr. Fritz via Reginaldo and his team. I submitted to a couple of Spiritual operations with them and also brought members of my family to him including my mother and son. I had chronic pain in my uterus, which had complicated growths. After the operation, the pain was greatly diminished and there’s much more fluidity to the whole area. I just cannot explain this but it is amazing! My family had operations with him, including the Heart and other issues with heavy chronic pain. They recuperated wonderfully .They now do not have these problems. I also had the chance to assist in these healing operations at the time with Dr. Fritz with my family and I can only say I have much much gratitude to him and Reginaldo.

Alessandria Tavares