Guided Healing trips in Brazil

Guided Healing Journey:

Palmelo: Psychic Mediums Spiritual Healing Village in Brazil

Palmelo is situated in Goias state, in sunny central Brazil. It is about 125 kilometres from The state capital Goiania. Like some of the other healing centers of the past and up and coming: it is situated on the largest crystal plateau in the world, which definitely has a supportive effect on healing.

Spiritists in Brazil see that there are mirror towns in the invisible astral realms above these centers, where astral doctors reside and effect their healing on Earth patients seeking a cure. Brazil is an amazing country, in that the veil between the visible and tangible earth world and the invisible spirit worlds, seems to be so thin and transparent. That’s perhaps one reason why there are such amazing psychic healing mediums there, especially on this crystal plateau… the largest crystal mass in the world.

The healing village dates back from 1929. Various spiritual healing works and centers were founded and in 1953. Palmelo was liberated in its own right from Piris and It is thought of as the  worlds Capital Spiritist communities and known as the village of peace. It is home to a lot of Brazilian Spiritists and various Mediums and people that visit weekly for their spiritual treatment including many spiritual operations. Many, many reports of cures have been experienced throughout the years and continue on today . Every time Anita speaks to someone at one of the pousadas or in the village, she hears of, or meets someone whom has had such a healing, where oftentimes no “Earth Doctor” could help.

The true meaning of Palmelo is “Victory corner”  “Harmonious ” (melo=melodia)  “Palmas”=victory ) Palmelo:  Sleepy, calm and deceptively simple in its appearance, Yet where so many beautiful healing works are offered, received and felt!)

The town is considered a place of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual restoration and re equilibrium. It is humbling to immerse one’s body mind and soul in its daily simplicity, yet inner depth, Allowing the ego to be submersed in the heart of what truly matters for life to flourish and be happy and healed!

It is a  tiny town, with not a lot in the way of outer entertainment,It is totally not commercial but has much to offer those whom seek solace and healing. It is safe, calm and quaint and welcomes those in need of quiet and deep renewal. There are several Mediums that work from various small centres in Palmelo and Anita is well acquainted with them.

She offers guided healing journeys to each one, depending on availability on a chosen date. Her favourite by far is Reginaldo whom works with Dr Fritz. Each healing journey is of a 13 night duration including 2 nights in Brasilia the famous Modern political capital of Brazil, staying near the lake and visiting the most impressive places of interest. There may also be a chance to visit another healing community near Brasilia depending on the group’s needs at the time. Please see end of this page, there is a short paragraph on this 2 day extension.

Guided Healing Trips To Palmelo With Anita And Reginaldo, A Totally Dedicated, Strong Psychic Surgeon/Medium Who Incorporates The Renowned Dr. Fritz


Anita is exited to be now working with Reginaldo Julio Da Silva, Forty Seven years of age, highly dedicated, incredibly intelligent, warm hearted and very gifted psychic healing Medium and Doctor. Reginaldo has been offering his healing by incorporating the famous Dr. Fritz for over 20 years in Brazil.  Although he has been working with Spirit since a young and tender age of 14!  Recently he was told by the spirit entities working through him, he will be very busy working with many foreigners. The time has come and his services will be much needed on the planet in these turbulent times. He was guided to offer his healing work now in Palmelo. He will also hold deep immersion healing retreats in Europe once a year….  with Anita. (depending on his availability to travel.

Anita has worked in Brazil and for over 30 years in the field already , with many years in Brazil, gaining much experience developing her mediumship with different psychic healers. Spending many years sitting in healing currents connecting to spirit realms and source. As well as working with and visiting various other centres and temples in Brazil as well as other countries.

When Anita met Reginaldo, she immediately recognized him from some deep distant world past and they struck a vital and enriching contact with each others soul. They fast recognised they will work together in helping others. Anita was very impressed at the way Dr.Fritz and Reginaldo deliver the healing sessions and she also experienced a spiritual operation with him and several spiritual deep cleaning sessions of her Pineal gland and all her chakras. Afterwards her cells deeply singing! It was obvious that he is totally and unwaveringly, dedicated to what he is doing and is involved in a lifelong mission of helping others heal with great love. and conviction.

Reginaldo speaks English as well as Portuguese, both as Dr Fritz and as himself the man. He is unique in that he is very available to speak with the participants needing healing (one on One during and after a healing session) so they have a deeper understanding on what is going on and what their needs are. Dr Fritz is a very strong character in spirit and is also boundlessly dedicated to his healing mission from Spirit Realms.

Being able to converse with spirit and also Reginaldo, creates an intimate and personal, deeper connection with the healer and his spirit Doctors, enabling participants to have a deeper understanding of their healing and the part they have to play in that, empowering the sustainability in the long term. It is wonderful that we have the opportunity to be able to spend this quality time with him before he becomes extremely busy!

€1699,- For an 13/14 day Journey

The general protocol for Palmelo Village Healing

Trip and a typical session with dr. Fritz

7.45 am: Participants arrive at the pousada, along with Anita, where Dr Fritz works. Session starts at 8.AM with orientation and prayers and spiritual
upliftment. Anita will be there for translations and her own input in guidance and presence.

Reginaldo will incorporate Dr Fritz into his body-mind vehicle and will then together with an assistant, clean everyone’s auras. He checks with a spiritual  xray, through a persons body and soul, and sees what work needs to be done to help them heal and evolve.

Approximately 9.AM, participants will be called into the operating and cleansing room groups of 5 or 6. The remaining participants will stay seated in meditation and reflection in the entry hall, in preparation for their healing sessions with Dr. Fritz.

In the Operation room, each person lays on a table with eyes closed and covered with a white sheet up their their neck. Anita will be present in the operation room helping Dr Fritz and also translating to each participant what the Spirit Doctor says and to transmit any questions from a particular participant. Though during an operation we are asked to keep these to as minimum and to just let go in the wonderful caring atmosphere.

Each person will be given “spiritual anesthesia ” and be induced into a soothing deep state of relaxation. Dr Fritz will operate on  wherever there is deepest need and a 2nd operation the following week will most likely be needed.  It is mostly not beneficial to the body to perform all that’s needed in one session.

Dr Fritz that works through Reginaldo says he cannot cut a person, as he is not an Earth Doctor and this is becoming more and more unaccepted in Brazil. Officialdom doesn’t like it neither. So a person looking at what Dr Fritz is doing while operating, would only see a finger or a blunt instrument …Yet the person receiving the operation will feel a definite cut and probing into that area as if physically. It is not painful , just enough sensation to feel that indeed surgery is being performed! The whole experience is profound , pleasurable and relatively fast, in human time is about 10 to 15 minutes. The physical body does not show signs of being cut, it isnt performed on a physical level, but it very much is on an energetic level that will totally effect the physical body and organs as well as all levels of your being. There very well could be physical stitches seen in the body if x-rayed! We are energy beings!  This will be very evident both during and after the operation especially during completion days afterwards, to recover.

Those very rare few whom don’t receive surgery and whom need a full deep cleansing work of all chakras and Pineal gland and soul and emotions will receive their treatment in the same room at the same time, one by one. Dr Fritz will give some advice to the patient and ask a question or two and then will instruct them to go lay down and rest. Anita will aid people to their rooms and next participants group of 5 or 6 will enter the operation rooms.

After operations you need eat lightly for 24 hours just soup and fruit… as the body needs to be free from any work of digestion for the recovery to be more effective. One often feels very tired and a lot of sensations pulsing through the chakras and body cells, so you will indeed simply wish to rest and sleep. Doctor will tell you to rest fully in your pousada room and public sitting areas, for the next couple of days. For the rest of the week we take it slowly relaxing and any activities will be gently led and gradually increased, with Anita as your constant support.

It is more than likely that all participants will receive this full cleansing session  Friday morning, in preparation for an operation the following session Friday evening.

Sometimes people may feel a little pain after the spiritual anesthetic has stopped working  after 24 hours  or so and can take a pain killer if really needed. The pain does not usually last long, though each case is unique. I for one didn’t feel any pain at all, just a sensation at the time of surgery of being cut. But not really painful at all, just a twinge! A bandage is placed over the area operated and bathed in holy water and imbibed with spiritual medicine from the astral plane  this is to protect from bacteria and to aid healing. This will fall off or can be taken off after 24 hours.

Participants are asked to take it easy for 2 or 3 days before they can slowly walk around the village ect and take part in group meditations and processes. The next week participants will usually have a 2nd spiritual intervention as well as a cleaning with Dr Fritz. The whole process is both highly fascinating and enjoyable. Definitely a once in a life time experience to be treasure and one that will often change your life!
Palmelo Village Healing Journeys
We offer 2 variations in the Palmelo Village Healing Journeys
①  A typical session with dr. Fritz
You can find the full schedule in Programm 1
②  In case Reginaldo is not available we shall work with Lazaro, known by Anita, and the whole town.
You can find the full schedule in Programm 2
(It is always possible this will slightly alter inschedule as this is Brazil!)
Programm I

Basic group itinerary for dr Fritz Palmelo trip


Group arrive at either Brasilia airport or Goiania Airport. ( Goiania is One and half hours away Brasilia is Three Hours away. However we need depart from Brasilia following group itinerary.)

Taxi Pick up and drive to Palmelo Village Thursday afternoon.

Depending on arrival time group will be shown to their rooms and have a light lunch or dinner or go to rest. for the night.

If group arrive before dinner, we can eat a light dinner then we can visit the Casa of Esperanca healing center for a spiritual cleansing with a team of mediums

Friday group meet for breakfast at

7.30 am Group join Anita  to go meet Reginaldo and Dr Fritz the Astral Healer.

8 am till 9 am. We will be seated in the small entrance room . Reginaldo will come and offer opening prayers and spiritual talk and support. He will then channel Doctor Fritz to enter his body and give Auric cleaning and spiritual passes to the group. Dr Fritz will use his astral vision to Xray each person to see whats needed. Afterwards in sub groups of 5 or 6 people, group will be called in to his special intervention/operation room where everyone will lay down on a bed and
individually receive a further deep cleansing especially of the Pineal gland  and wherever else he deems is needed for each person.  This is in preparation for the evening’s Spiritual intervention/operation.

Afterward group will walk around the main points in the village where you can shop . There is not too much in the way of shops as the town is
kept simple and quiet . Yet there is a small supermarket ( where we will buy bottle mineral water to take to the evening sessions of Dr Fritz and he will charge the water with healing medicine for each individual. This can later be taken back to your own room and replenished, Anita will explain how at the time.) There is a pharmacy and a simple local style health shop. There’s a couple of nice ice cream parlours (!) A small clothes shop, a bookstore, a stationary shop, hairdressers and beauty parlour, barbers , some other pousadas and  you can sit on a bench and amazingly for such a humble village, there’s free public WiFi.

Group lunch at 12 midday.

Rest until 14.00 hrs.

Group meeting at 14.00 hrs until 16.00 hrs.
This meeting will offer full orientation for the stay and the healing processes as well as a question time and then an all important group meditation and healing current. ( current is where we invoke the very active and rich spirit energy that pervades the whole village, to enter into our group , through Anita and the participants to augment healing on all levels.  We will have daily Meditation/Current sessions  from Sunday onwards and it is highly beneficial to take part in them as is an important part of your healing experience. If for any reason you need to miss one and rest by yourself, that’s fine, just let Anita know so she knows your ok.

16.00 hrs Tea/coffee,cake time!

Free time till dinner.

Group meet for dinner at 18.00.

Join Anita at 18.50 to go to Reginaldo and Dr Fritz.

19.00 to 20.00: Reginaldo Opens the healing work with Prayer and spiritual support. He will then incorporate ( channel) Dr Fritz and perform Auric cleaning and any further Spiritual Xray.) Then in groups of 5 or 6 persons we will again go to his special intervention room for individual operations. Anita will be there to assist him along with a couple of others and another Doctor whom works through another medium to also aid operations. Anita will also translate if needed. Once the intervention is complete you will be helped back to your room to rest and sleep.

The whole of Saturday you must rest totally in your room and lay down mostly as the operations is still completing. You may go to the restaurant area for breakfast and lunch and dinner or can be brought to your room but will be very light and simple food so the body has chance to deeply rest while recuperating from the intervention. There will be a team of mediums visiting the pousada for a short cleansing session should anyone feel up to it. It is very important to follow your own
energy levels and intuition and not join if your weak and tired. Best rest in your room then.

Sunday  morning rest! After Lunch at midday: Group meeting at 14.00 till 16.00 for group meditation and Spiritual Healing Energy Current with Anita.

Anyone whom usually has any difficulty sitting in meditation , normally finds that with Anita they are able to let go into the relaxation without any issue.

During your stay each person will have the chance to have a private sharing with Anita depending on the flow of the group, as to when this will be. She will also be available during the week for questions …

 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Breakfast at 7 to 8.30 till 12. Midday Anita is available for private sharing and so forth. In the pousada seating area.

Free time. Rest. Gentle paced Village walks.

Lunch at 12 midday till 13.00 hrs.

14.00 to 16.00 hrs: Group will join Anita for sharing circle, teaching, processes questions and daily Meditation and Spiritual Current sessions. These sessions are of great importance for your healing process and is suggested you attend if at all possible. There is a rich astral activity in Palmelo  and during these current sessions Anita will invoke the healing spirits to come and envelope the group with soothing and restorative energies on all levels, through her and everyone present, in a loving and pleasing frequency. This will greatly aid your recuperation. If at all you feel not to join and prefer to rest alone, that’s totally respected just let Anita know so she knows all is ok.

16.00 hrs tea, coffee, cake time.

Group walking time and also space to to be with a friend.

Dinner 18.00 hrs.

On Wednesday or Thursday depending on individuals recovery after the spiritual interventions , Group will visit a local waterfall “Marata” and enjoy a  group cleansing ritual with Anita. This is half an hours drive from the Village.

Thursday evening after dinner we will go to the Casa da Esperanca for a further spiritual cleansing with a team of mediums.

Friday and Saturday:
The 2nd week Friday morning Group will join Anita after breakfast at 7.30 to go and see Reginaldo and Dr Fritz. We will have a repeat Auric cleansing or operation depending on the situation. You will also have your stitches out  from the previous weeks operation. Painlessly!

 After this you must go and rest in your room lay down and enjoy the sensations and sleep or reflect. You may also listen to light gentle music on your device.

Those who did not have operations in the morning can join Anita to go see Dr Fritz in the evening.

Everyone must take full rest in their room on Friday and Saturday emerging only for meals and maybe to sit a while in the foyer ect.

Nail Manicures  can be arranged at the hotel..the staff of the hotel are very helpful.

This trip is largely an internal voyage of humbling spiritual discovery and deep healing. The whole village is aware of the process of spiritual interventions and healing and are respectful of that. It is a very simple,quiet,peaceful and calm village. It is the responsibility of each participant to be gentle with themselves on all levels and take things easy. In this you will be greatly supported.

Visitors report deeper than usual sleep and yet also intense significant dreams ( a lot of astral healing work is performed at night and so while we sleep and as earlier mentioned this village is very richly active on astral levels!) People report great insights into their lives as well as those of loved ones.

You are asked to bring reading materiel, writing pad pens and maybe some device to listen  to soft music or inspirational materiel with headphones to not disturb others. WiFi is freely available throughout the pousada in all rooms. There is air conditioning and fans that are operated by remote control. Rooms are clean safe and simple. All are ensuite.

Sunday Breakfast at 7 am till 8.30 am

After breakfast pack and prepare to leave.

Group closing circle at to midday.

Midday lunch .

14.00: Taxi pick up for Brasilia city .

Arrive Golden Tulip Hotel at Approximately 17. to 17.30 hrs PM.

Dinner at hotel.


Monday Morning Group Breakfast.

10. am group tour of three well know beautiful places of interest.

Blue church Dom Bosco.
Temple of Goodwill Pyramid.

We will have a light snack out during the day ( not included in the tour price.)

We will return to the hotel in the afternoon to rest before dinner.

Please note: Anyone not feeling like coming on the tour may stay back at the hotel and relax near the pool or in their room at leisure.

Group dinner at hotel.

Rest and sleep early ready for next days flight.

Taxi pick up for Airport.

Programm II


Thursday:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Arrive Brasilia or Goiania Airport and taxi trip to Palmelo.

Depending on arrival time we can eat lunch or dinner. If you are on time, after dinner at 19.30 we can go to the Casa da Esperanca and have a Spiritual cleansing by a team of Mediums. Otherwise arrive settle and rest in your room.

The Casa da Esperanca is headed by a lovely gentle and kind elder known as Lazaro. He works also with the Healing spirits and also gives Spiritual xray. He is well loved and has a twinkle in his eye.He speaks only Portuguese and so Anita will translate anything . He is a man of very few words. The time he speaks will be at the spiritual Xray session.

20.30 Back to hotel to rest and sleep ready for early start tommorrow.

Friday:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Group Breakfast.

After Breakfast at 8.15 Group walk to the Casa Da Esperanca again to see Lazaro for a Spiritual Xray at Here he will see what a person requires in the form of operation. Anita will translate anything that is said. If you need ask anything very briefly it is be possible.

After the session with Lazaro Group will join Anita for a short tour of the village where you will find a supermarket ( and there you can buy bottle mineral water to take to the healing center to be blessed and charged with healing properties for you.) There  are two pharmacies, a local health type of shop…local style! , a couple of clothes shops, barbers, hairdressers and beauty salon, bookshop and stationary shop as well as a couple of ice cream parlours! There’s the market square with
free public WiFi.

Lunch at 12 midday.

Group meet at 14.00 till 17.00 hrs  for full group orientation, group sharing circle, questions and Meditation/ Spiritual Current ( This is a very important aspect of the healing process offered in Palmelo, as here there is a rich Astral Healing activity and this is invoked and experienced strongly during these sessions with Anita.) Group preparation for the evening’s operations.

The town is very simple,quiet,calm,humble and friendly. It is deceptively uneventful with not a lot in the way of entertainment Yet is support much inner work and reflection as well as the deep healing that occurs to so many here. Therefore , again we urge you to take your responsibility in taking things easy and being gentle on yourself. The people are warm kind and helpful.

Please bring reading materiel, writing pad and pens as well as maybe a device to listen to soothing music on headphones or audio inspirational materiel. WiFi is available in all rooms.

Dinner at 18.00

Group walk to Casa Esperanca at 18.45 Hrs.

Operations will be offered at 19.30 to.20.30/21.00

Back to Hotel to rest for the night and the following 2 days.

Breakfast lunch and dinner can be taken in restaurant or your room… but quietly and alone.

Return straight back to rest afterwards in your room.

Anita will visit each of you to make sure all is good and have a brief chat.

18 00 HRS. A team of mediums will visit the pousada to offer spiritual cleansing.

Breakfast and lunch quietly.

14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs Group Meditation and Spiritual Current.

Anyone wishing to remain in bed rest are free to do so.

16.00 Tea,coffee,cake break.




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:

10.30 to 12 Midday: Group meet for Group sharing and processes.

12 Midday Lunch.

Free till:
14.30 TO 16.00: Group Meditation and Healing Current with Anita.

16.00 : Coffee,cake and tea time.

Free time to go out or rest until Dinner.

18.00 : Light Dinner.

Breakfast and group meeting to share at 10.30 till Midday. ( optional)

12 midday: Lunch

14.00 : After lunch we will visit the waterfall about half an hour away by car nearby Piris a local town. We will enjoy a short group cleaning ritual.
(if this day is favourable considering the weather and participants recovery rate) Otherwise it will be Thursday.)

Thursday:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           As days Monday and Tuesday, till dinner.

Dinner at 18.00.

After dinner  group will walk to Casa De Esperanca for a further cleansing session with a team of mediums.

After Breakfast at 08.30 Group will return to the Esperanca healing center for a revision of their treatment at 09.00 am with Lazaro.8.30

Group meet back at hotel for an hour to discuss this revision and
anything else.

Free time till lunch.

14.30 : After lunch Group will have their final Meditation and Healing
current with Anita and the Healing Spirits.

16. 00 HRS  Tea,Coffee,cake time!

Free personal time till dinner.

Rest, go for a walk or pack and prepare to leave Saturday after lunch.

Leisurely breakfast and free till lunch.

13.00 : Group take take taxi to valley do Amenacer. ( Valley of the dawn) Three hours away

 Arrive at the hotel approximately 16.00 hrs. Settle and rest.

17.15 to 18.15  Group will go into the small village and eat a snack at local cafes. (not included in price and costs about 7 to 10 euros with a drink.)

18.00- 20/21:00 : Visit the Temple of Goodwill Pyramid.

 Group will receive cleansing rituals by various tribes of mediums, whom each have their particular area of healing work. You will have a short reading with one of them and a blessing. The spectacle is very colourful and intriguing, very interesting to watch and be part of. The group will move together.

Afterwards we can have a quick drink before going back to the hotel to sleep and rest or simply head back to the hotel.

7 till 9 AM Breakfast at the hotel.

Free time till

11.AM -12 Midday meeting with Anita Group share.

12.midday Buffet lunch at a nearby restaurant ( not included in price and costs between 7 and 10 euros with a drink)

Afternoon   group session at the star lake for soul cleansing and ritual. An impressive colourful sight and relaxing experience, involving many mediums dressed in their colourful ritual tribal clothing.

Final group share afterwards for one hour and completion circle.

18.00 : Evening walk and snack at local cafe. ( approximately 7 to 10 euros and not included in the rice.)

19.00 : Return to the Temple Pyramid and have a last cleansing ritual and leave any prayer requests before leaving to return to the hotel to rest.

Monday:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          After breakfast there will be free time till lunch to rest or have a walk around the village individually.

 Group meets at midday for lunch at the local buffet restaurant. (This will be 7 to 10 euros and not included in the price) The Rest of the day you are free to amble around the village or rest back in your room…. eating a snack at your own leisure for dinner (this is not included and will cost about 7 to 10 Euros)

Taxi to  Brasilia airport after breakfast or lunch depending on flight time.
(Alternative would be to stay in Palmelo till Sunday then leave to Brasilia Golden Tulip Hotel and see the main sights on Monday. We would then depart Tuesday)

                                                                      2021                                                                                                                   2022
                                            JUNE 3RD ARRIVE – JUNE 16TH DEPART.                                    MARCH 3RD ARRIVE-MARCH 16TH DEPART



This includes everything except extra meals where highlighted and priced, a suggested donation of 100 euros ( however you may give as you wish) to the Palmelo Healer to aid in furthering their work mission. You will cover the cost of your own flight travel, insurance or any extra taxis outside of the group travel. You will also need some pocket money lets say 250 euros, for a two week trip. Bring a card as back up. Not everywhere is able to take your card in the villages so please bring cash and card. Any questions please contact Anita.

Deposit of 699 Euros. to be paid to PayPal account. Deposit is non refundable but we will honour its use for another trip within a one year period, if your original trip is cancelled within 6 weeks of departure date. See payments page.

Prices are based on at least 3 people on the tour. Anita warmly welcomes you and asks you to contact her for any further information.

Find here more information about Anita and Reginaldo

Guided Healing Journey:

Abadiania Portal in Brazil


Anita has been guiding, organising and facilitating healing groups to the famous Abadiania Portal and strongest vortex she has ever experienced (originally named as the Casa De Dom Inacio,) Brazil for over Seventeen years. She feels it has been an immense privilege, to have been part of such a wave of deep immersion in healing, with people from every walk of life, with a myriad of different reasons for seeking healing on all levels of being. Her deep learning experience and connection to Source via Spirit has grown exponentially.

So much so, that words are definitely totally inadequate to describe just how powerful and deep that process has been and is still ongoing!

It is as if time and space bend in Abadiania. Anita feels as if it has been one massive wave of lifetimes experienced over there!  It is a portal of high and very expansive energies. Anita has played “spiritual midwife” to so many people’s births, rebirths, little deaths and big ones! Being witness to so many, (literally thousands) of healing experiences, that have touched her deeply and have actually made her stop, many times to wonder at it all. Realising our limited minds can never grasp the infinite possibilities of Source in the ways love and light heal. It has not always been the most so called spiritually experienced, whom have had the deepest healing neither. Oftentimes she has been surprised and humbled at whom heals or how, and how it all unfolds! It is always a fresh discovery!

Now that the infamous Healing Medium John of God is no longer working at the Casa in Abadiania, people may wonder how it continues. The answer could fill a book, but it is truly enough to know, with a sincere heart, that it never was and isn’t nor ever will be, the Medium, the man whom heals anyone, rather it always is Spirit direct from Source whom heals. This is not to discount in any way whatsoever the vast amount of people helped and healed by his enormous past karmic mission.Nor is it to discount the valuable presence of a dedicated gifted medium , for this healing work. Just that the way it operates at the Casa is now changed, as being Spirit directly working on participants that’s all. No in between agent.

IMPORTANT: That said…. Anita offers an extra overnight  trip on the first weekend to visit another healing vortex village a few hours away whereby you may receive a powerful Psychic intervention with a superb Psychic healer whom works with the famous (in Brazil) Astral Doctor Dr Fritz and his Medium : Reginaldo . This is during the days the healing currents are closed at the casa so you can receive the best of both worlds. His healing work is very palpable and you will need rest in the hotel till next day. It reached deep down to the cellular level and you will feel it! It is perfectly understandable there are those whom wish to meet the Astral Doctors via a human medium and a wonderful one at that!

The purity and power of spirit working has never been more evident in Abadiania healing village as it is now, as the current rooms (Healing intervention rooms) where everyone sits with eyes closed in deep communion with Source, are working beautifully. Perhaps, as many report, more potently than ever. The palpable energy of pure Love and Light pours through everyone in those current rooms! There there are 6 sessions per week and the Healing Spirit Entities are very strongly felt, heard, experienced and sometimes seen. (by those whom can see)

The Blessings, healing interventions and energy cleansings are as powerful as ever! Spontaneous interventions are occurring both in the casa and sometimes in the pousadas and people’s rooms. This is so beautiful, yet not so easy to portray to those whom do not understand how the Casa functions. Not easy to convey to those who have not yet been and experienced this first hand. However, Anita says happily and from deep in her heart and soul: The Casa energy field and healing offered is very much alive and flowing as ever!

This is a wonderful chance to practice, experience and support the idea that less and less do we need outside authorities between us and Source, and so to re claim or own Power and follow our own heart’s intuition.

Source (Divine, God, or whichever name you prefer) is for sure everywhere and is everything. However it is clear to Anita , that there are strong places on the planet that act as Portals of pure love and high energy.  Abadiania is the strongest one she has experienced. ( And she has experienced quite a few over many years)

Anita is now exited to be able to expand her influence within the groups she takes to Abadiania, as where now the casa is less formal and structured: she is ready to implement all her many years as a facilitator, working with groups and individuals across the planet, In a deep Heart encounter, using all the  tools she has gathered and used over 35 years of being in the healing field.

These include Hypnotherapy, Hypno-healing, Cellular healing, Rebirthing, Holistic Breathwork, Astrology, Body work, Lightening process, Meditation and Self enquiry and perhaps most of all: A compassionate, deep and impactful way of working with people, born out of her rich life experiences and often potent challenges unravelling from early childhood.  She had a piercing sensitivity and psychic abilities. This blended with over 17 years of sitting in the mediums rooms at the Casa have supported her to bring her work out into the shining light of today. Her focus is to support her group participants to come out of suffering and liberate themselves …it is time. Abadiania is a wonderful platform as an energy portal, in which to accelerate this unfolding!

It is for the above reasons that Anita feels drawn to continue facilitating groups for those feeling the need or pull to visit. To sit in those healing current rooms and connect to the healing spirits that are working there . For both healing and their own spiritual evolution. There are plans for various other healing supports to be built around Abadiania and there’s already a great new vegan restaurant, with spiralled  gardens on the hillsides with organic fresh produce growing there. Tons of tress have been planted and they wish to host many varied workshops and medicine retreats.

Anita visits twice a year and is also able to help those who wish to come at any other time to come guided by a good trusted friend/guide whom lives there. Please contact Anita for details. She will do all she can to help you.

We use several of the nicer pousadas in town that are close walking to the Casa.  They are quiet, safe, friendly and clean, with delicious home cooked healthy food to cater for vegetarians, as well as meat and fish eaters. There’s plenty of fresh fruit, salads and desert too. Rooms are clean and very comfortable…. most opening onto either a balcony over open nature, or a sweet garden.

Round the corner there’s a great juice cafe with cakes and great meals and a back garden where friends meet.

Much of the commercialism of Abadiania has thankfully ceased, but there are small shops offering crystals, jewelry, clothes, hammocks and Brazilian souveniers, as well as hairdressers, pharmacies, a natural health shop and more.There are cafes and some restaurants and snack bars, great to meet up with friends and share. Hear a little live music or watch the villagers laze by!

Crystal beds are offered at the casa at a very low cost and are loved by many as a lovely way to balance and unwind and as a place where the Healing spirit Entities can penetrate ones aura and effect a deep healing. People report spiritual interventions in the crystal beds.Also available is blessed water, books, crystals and other items , these can be purchased at the casa shop. Herbal passiflora is also available again for those whom want. They are still imprinted as healing medicine for each person and can be bought at the casa pharmacy. However it is a visitors choice as to how many they decide to buy. Usually it is suggested to buy at least one, if not 2 pots per intervention. There’s also a cafe selling pastries, fruit juice coffee and other items.

The Casa waterfall is open every day except Sunday afternoon when the casa gates close for rest.

Casa blessed soup is offered with great love and free of charge on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, of every week.

Sunday singing at 9 am  is also offered in the big hall.


Trips are of 12 night duration ( shorter or longer stays are possible if you speak with Anita)  It is important to arrive on Monday or Tuesday of any week to fit with the Casa protocol.

Taxi can be organised to pick you up in Brasilia airport: an hour and half ride away from the healing village, taxi will take you to your pousada/hotel where you will be met by Anita or her partner guide.

Anita will spend the day showing you the village and the casa and orientating you in the casa work and how the healing spirits work, as well as drawing on her immense past experience in facilitating your understanding of how to receive the most from your stay.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 7.30 AM and afternoons at 13.30 PM  Anita will accompany you to the Casa where you will be sitting in the healing rooms and receiving the works that are offered by the Casa Healing Entities.This includes sitting in the last healing room for spiritual interventions/operations  On completion of each morning session, there will be blessed soup and or a chance to have a crystal bed, sit in the beautiful space in the casa gardens or on the lookout pagoda where people sit in silence and absorb the love and healing. You may also visit the sacred waterfall before lunch or after the afternoon session in the healing currents at the casa ends. Anita can help with any translations that might be needed in and around the Casa.

Each lunch and dinner time there will be group meetings to discuss participants process and see how anyone is, so is an opportunity to ask your questions. Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are for recuperation, rest and digestion of the work that has been experienced through the week at the casa.

This can often be very profound and strong and so needs time to integrate. Anita will be available each afternoon for support in this as well as mealtimes. There will be group sharing , heart encountering, meditation, sweet rituals and chance to go to the waterfall and have crystal beds, as well as relax or meet people in the garden, pousada and around the village. Also to simply rest in your room and have some alone time to reflect. There will be a preparation time before the following weeks work at the casa, with Anita on Tuesday afternoon.

Extra Private sessions with Anita are also offered in Hypnotherapy, Astrology chart readings for couples or individuals, and other therapies.

There is an optional extra of having a tour of some main site seeing places of interest in Brasilia on your return to the airport, as long as it fits with your return flight schedule. There’s also an optional extra of taking a day out to a local charming colonial town and visiting some of the surrounding natural beauty.

Anita ensures you that you will leave after your sojourn in Abadiania with profound and beautifully touching memories, new friends, vitally recharged and having experienced deep cellular healing and changes on all levels. Taking home a definite renewed sense of being happy to be alive and with the visit resonating deep in your heart! That’s why so many return or stay on and make their life there. Your visit to Abadiania is  still life changing and one well worth the effort to prioritise in your life.

Anita also knows other very good psychic healing Mediums in Brazil , if you should wish to visit them … see other pages on this website, or please ask Anita for details.

Any questions contact Anita.

In Love and consciousness ….

Gautama the Buddha:
“This existence of ours is as transient as Autumn clouds… To observe the birth and death of beings; is akin to the movements of a dance… A lifetime is like am instant flash of lightening in the sky… Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain”
If you really do wish to change…
Then Start Now!

€1650,- For a 12 nights /13 days Journey

                                                                  2020                                                                                                                   2021
                       October 29 Arrive – November 12 Depart                                      May 10 Arrive – May 22 Depart



Included are accommodation, meals, drinks, taxi pick up , visit to sacred waterfall, all casa procedures, Anita’s full guidance, as well as her expertise in a myriad of ways to support your healing, help with any translations and more. You need arrange your own flights, any travel insurance and bring a little pocket money.

Depending on if you want to buy souveniers, include some crystal beds (highly recommended!) some casa herbs, have some  fruit juice or coffees around town, and maybe have an optional day out to a lovely charming colonial small town and nearby waterfalls, Then i would suggest to bring about 300 dollars in cash, along with a card for backup.

Anita can help you secure the purchase of a Crystal healing bed to take home (it is portable and weighs just 11 kilos, they are very used to seeing these at the airport and are very helpful.) These can be used for yourslef and loved ones on a daily basis at home or within a healing practice you might be involved in. Please speak with Anita before departure for info on this.

A deposit will be required a month before arrival date. This will be non refundable but can be adjusted to cover a later date within 6 months, should you cancel with at least 6 weeks notice. This is payable to Anita’s pay pal account. See payments page. The remainder to be paid on arrival or speak to Anita for further info.

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